Welcome to Wisdom Financial Services, L.L.C

What We Do

Founded on the principles that clients should, at all costs, avoid the investment myths of stock picking, market timing, and track-record investing; Wisdom Financial Services offers financial coaching designed to empower people to realize their dreams through the discovery of Wisdom, Truth, and Freedom around money and investing. Money without a purpose can show up as a burden, scarce, and never enough. With a powerful purpose, money can be used as a tool to fulfill what you want to create in life. 

The Coaches of Wisdom Financial are a team of local professionals in the Geneseo, Galesburg, and Quad City area that came together to change how people experience investing. Wisdom’s coaches have backgrounds in estate planning, tax & retirement planning, and financial coaching. 

For those who have become dissatisfied with the financial advice offered by the commission-based brokerage community, we offer personalized, disciplined, fee-based investment management services designed to become a systematic, life-long solution to the investor’s dilemma of constantly searching for the elusive “beat the market” strategy. In a world of robo-advisors and new technology built to facilitate speculating and gambling, the need for steadfast academic principles has become urgent and apparent.