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Financial Coaching Using Free Market Investment Strategies

Founded on the principles that clients should, at all costs, avoid the investment myths of stock picking, market timing and track-record investing; Wisdom Financial Services offers financial coaching designed to utilize Free Market Investment strategies based on Nobel Prize winning research into how markets work. The advisors of Wisdom Financial have experience in a wide variety of tax, retirement and estate planning, investment portfolio management, long term health care solutions, and life insurance strategies to coach their clients towards the realization of each client’s financial goals.

Personalized Investment Services: Your Life-Long Solution

For those clients who have become dissatisfied with the financial advice offered by the commission based brokerage community, Wisdom Financial offers personalized, disciplined, fee-based investment management services that are designed to become a systematic, life-long solution to the investor’s dilemma of constantly searching for the elusive “beat the market” investment. In the post-Enron investing world, the need for broad diversification of the portfolio among asset classes has become an urgent and apparent need, which is rarely addressed adequately in an investor’s portfolio. Here at Wisdom Financial, our professional coaches personally assist each client to develop a portfolio that is diversified, structured and regularly rebalanced to meet the pace of the marketplace. Call us today for more information. We look forward to serving you.