Super Longines replica Watch Reviews

The following are all the appearance components of this super-longines produced by KZ. All the appearance components are designed according to the original design, which is completely consistent with the genuine ones. The middle shell, outer ring and back cover can all be replaced with genuine ones, and the materials are the same, but the materials are the same. These have become mantras. It is estimated that the friends who have been paying attention to high imitations for a long time have already numb this kind of rhetoric. The younger brother is no longer here to make a high-quality replica watches commitment. We will use the facts to speak with your older brother. Look at the Longines high imitation table produced by the British factory, which is known as the "Super Longines" in the market. How much is excessive.

Calling the beast to edit all the highlights of this super Longines on the picture, for all three-piece type of high imitation table, the middle shell is the most important, why the past little brother's mall never sells Longines replica watches, because there is no Any one of the case manufacturers can perfectly restore the middle shell of the original Longines, either the chamfered arc is too fat, or the whole middle shell is too thick, etc., or a series of problems, or directly made a hamburger, or The waterproof structure cuts the work and causes the water to enter. This is in the hands of the final buyer. No matter what kind of movement is installed, compared with the genuine one, even a friend who has worn the real Longines has a glance, it is no longer a problem of authenticity and imitation. That is already a ugly and ugly problem.

If you have known Longines that have been highly imitations long ago, you should be very clear that in the past, the lettering of the back cover of the high-end Longines, almost any version, is almost completely wrong. That is the text of THE LONGINES MASTER COLLECTION, almost all of them are fine. However, the real Longines masters changed the back cover in 2014 into a bold body and sandblasted the inside. At the same time fake rolex, the lettering of the back cover, L2.628.4 in the past high imitation table, especially the letter factory that was blown up by the sky, almost no matter what the disk surface, what shell, are carved this, but in fact, this is not the case, rose gold The lettering on the back cover, as well as the lettering on the back cover of the double calendar, and even the lettering on the back cover of different panels are different. This is not a question of technical difficulty, but the molder is not careful enough to care about what he is doing again, and nothing else.

The bezel is made of 316L stainless steel bezel, which is consistent with the original. It is also coated with a scratch-resistant, hidden coating on the stainless steel. As long as it is carefully taken care of rolex replica, the bezel of the fake watch is not easy to appear. Sad scratches, this is an unprecedented application on high imitation watches.